Additional guidelines which apply to this section

 Started by dwilson5817

If you are submitting a ban request, we ask you follow the following guidelines.

  • Please include all necessary information in the original post.  This will speed up resolution of your issue.  This should include enough proof to support your argument, insufficient proof will lead to your request being locked and not considered.
  • There is no need to include your own suggestions on how to resolve this issue.  Staff will judge accordingly and based on our sanction recommendations.
  • If your request is rejected; do not create another thread.  If you do not agree with our decision you should report the post where a moderator will deal with it and will reconsider.

Please note, these are additional guidelines which apply to this section; our forum rules still apply here.  This page is updated often so you should check every time before submitting a ban request.

Thank you.

By dwilson5817, over 3 years ago